This is Boyfriend.

He's my taste tester, my muse, my tech support, and my therapist. He's forced to eat almost everything I bake (usually the ugly rejects or the ones that are several days old), talk me down from ledges when things don't go right, listen to my nightly after-work rants about every dumb comment or small injustice I suffered that day, solve all my computer problems, and even bring me shoes at work at 7am on Saturday morning, when I've mindlessly walked out of the house with flipflops on. He's routinely asked to spout off as many ideas as he can for new baked goods and flavor combinations, most of which are ignored, but occasionally he strikes gold. He's even the mastermind behind the blog name, The Busty Baker. Lately, he's felt neglected when I don't mention him in my posts, so here you go Boyfriend. You've got your very own page now!

What you need to know about Boyfriend:
* He loves video games. He owns nearly every video game console known to man. And they all still work. Including his original NES and his very first GameBoy.
* He eats peanut butter from the jar. And calls it dinner.
* He has an uncanny knack for coming up with awesome yet random names for things, most of which are completely inappropriate ventures like adult magazines or bars. But they're hilarious. (The best was our now forgotten supergroup combination of boybands to rival NKOTBSB. There were literally like 10 different groups all rolled into one huge acronym. But of course we didn't write it down, and now the sheer genius of it is lost forever.)
* He once (very recently!) ordered "fire-crapper" shrimp at a drive-thru. (He meant to say "firecracker". It just didn't come out that way. And I literally cried from laughing so hard.)
* He has more shoes than I do. Seriously. He's getting rid of some now, but there's an entire closet full of shoe boxes with practically every incarnation of Air Jordans. And he can tell you exactly which styles are which by sight.
* He's somehow managed to put up with me for the past 5 years. I think this makes him a superhero.

I've let him have a voice just one time here on the blog, when he baked cupcakes for my birthday. (They were a month late, and from a box, but hey. He baked me something!) But maybe in the future, I'll let him post a little more. What do you think?

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