Friday Favorites - Vol 5 - Summer Food (Recipe Recap)

Currently I'm sitting on my back patio staring up at a brilliant blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. I'm surrounded by warm air, bright pink flowers, the heavenly scent of mint leaves, and a tiny hummingbird that keeps coming to visit. It's summer, and it's absolutely perfect. I wish it would stay exactly like this forever.

Can you guess what my absolute favorite part of summer is? The food. Fresh fruits, ice cream, picnic snacks--there's so much great food to eat during the summer! I put together a list of all my favorite recipes for you, so hopefully it's not too hot in the kitchen to jump in there and whip up some deliciousness before you head back out to the pool or the barbecue!

Let's start with something to cool off--Ice Cream!

1. The perfect blend of slightly salty and sweet - Salty Caramel Ice Cream, 2. Simple yet utterly delicious - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, 3. The easiest ice cream you'll ever make - Peanut Butter Ice Cream, 4. It's all about hot and cold, so add a little spice to your chill - "Hot" Chocolate Ice Cream

There's nothing better than fresh fruit in the summer. Ripe juicy berries are my weakness, and they just beg to be used whatever way they can.
1. Blackberries bursting with flavor - Blackberry Crumble Bars, 2. Be patriotic with a great Independence Day picnic dessert - Red, White, and Blue Shortcakes, 3. Chocolate and Raspberry marry beautifully - Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes, 4. This stunner of a dessert is simple to whip up - Strawberry Cream Cake, 5. Why not take your pie with you! - Peach Hand Pies

Heading out to a baseball game or a drive-in or outdoor movie? Make sure you pack some popcorn to munch on!
Left: Homemade Kettle Corn - a little bit spicy a little bit sweet, a whole lot of yum, Right: Homemade Caramel Corn - Lame prize not included.

Don't want to spend time inside? Take your snacks to go!
Left: Whether you're sitting around the campfire or just sitting in the airconditioning, S'mores are the essential summer snack. Class it up with Homemade S'mores, Right: Create your own beautiful fireworks with out all the noise and danger of blowing your hand off - Firework Sugar Cookies

And last, but certainly not least, celebrate Independence Day with a delicious cake! Red, White, and Blue and oh so good.

Hope you have a great summer, and happy summer baking! :)
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