Friday Favorites - Vol. 2 - Today

A really quick Friday Favorites for you today. Today my favorite thing is.. Today! April 27th. 30 years ago today, I made my appearance in this world. Yeah. 30. 3-0. One of the big ones.

Me on my 2nd birthday

10 months ago I made myself a list. 30 things to do before I turned 30. Well here I am. Staring at 30 and honestly.. I didn’t finish my list. And I’m okay with that. I got some of the easy stuff, like the reading section done. And I got a new camera, redesigned my blog, entered and won a baking competition, and baked and ate some new things. But I didn’t quite get to some of the others, like baking a pie or making a tiered fondant cake. Oh well. I'll get to them eventually.

But I think the one thing I'm proud of actually accomplishing is a 15 mile bike ride. Boyfriend bought me a bike last month as an early birthday present, and this week, after only a handful of rides, I made it all 15 miles. I really didn’t think I was going to, since the day we went was windier than anything—the first 5 miles or so we rode directly into a 15-20mph wind! I swear it felt like I wasn’t even moving half the time, and several times I thought about just giving up. But the whole way I kept convincing myself, “just make it to that next tree. Alright, go for the fence post now. It’s not that far to the next crossing. Just make it to that.” For every landmark I passed, I’d pick a new one in the distance to make it to. I rode 15 miles 50 feet at a time. And guess what. I didn’t die. I’m still sore days later, but I didn’t die.

So as I look at 30 and beyond, I’ll do the same thing. I won’t think about how long the road is. I’ll only look towards the end of today, knowing if I can make it through this day, I’m on my way to the next, and the next, and the one after that.
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sarahe said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Congrats on making it to 30 and accomplishing so many of your goals! And doing the bike ride is AWESOME! Proud of you :)

Lani said...

Happy (late) birthday! I turn 30 in 2 weeks, and have been dreading every day on the count down, but after reading your blog I feel a little better about it. :) Inspirational words from someone my own age - and I appreciate it!

Meagan said...

Love this picture!

I also tagged you in a post today!

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