Friday Favorites - Vol. 1 - Furry Friends

Well, I was supposed to have a great post up for you this week. The problem is, I kind of ate the majority of it before I took any pictures. So I had to bake another one, and it wasn’t ready for its photo shoot in time. So I thought I’d bring you some randomness in a new segment I’ve been thinking about doing, called Friday Favorites. Friday Favorites is a place where I’ll show you all my favorite things! Sounds simple enough, right? From things in the kitchen to things in my world, it’s going to be a whole lot of randomness, which is pretty much the story of my entire life.

To start things off right, I thought I’d share the one thing I have more pictures of than anything in the world. Because the internet is in desperate need of more cat pictures, I give you my little fluffy friend, Loki.

We’ve been roommates for the past 4 years. He’s not always a joy to live with though. He’s messy, and sometimes smells, and he has a bad habit of ruining my things, but most of the time we get along great.

He was a rescue cat who had been living under someone’s porch with a broken leg before someone brought him to the shelter. I just couldn’t resist his little face, his fluffy tail, and the little puffs of fur between his toes.

He’s a bit spoiled. He drinks water out of a coffee mug on the counter and has his own cat-sized chair to sleep in.

Half the time when he sleeps, his tongue sticks out. I think it's hilarious.

He’s the reason we can’t have nice things. He’s ruined my leather ottoman, my couch slipcover, 2 DVD binders, at least 1 batch of cupcakes, my bathroom scale, and my laptop. And we don’t talk about the tragic incident with my pet mouse. But even after all that, I still keep him around.

Because really—how do you resist that face?

Do you have a favorite furry (or not so furry) friend? I'd love to see them! Share your pictures over on my Facebook page!
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Jo and Sue said...

Oh my goodness. How cute is that cat? I just want to squish her! lol Makes me miss my kitty :( She was a longhair, white persian. I named her Spot. (After the dog from the Dick and Jane books lol) Beautiful photos!

Danae - The Busty Baker said...

We had a cat named Spot growing up! He was orange and white, with one single black dot on his side.

Anonymous said...

Love your post and your cat is beautiful! I have two kittys and they are my babies.

Sarah E. said...

Eeee! So precious :)

I'm a crazy cat lady! We have two: Bella and Muffin.

TC Joy said...

So I just found your wonderful blog. I dare say, this is hilarious.

I also bake....and have a cat named Loki. I completely sympathize with all of your ruined things as I have similar stories (my laptop, carpet, countless mugs and glasses, my laptop again, many loaves of homemade bread, and a batch of cookies.) But that is our "reward" for naming them after the Norse God of Mischief, yes?

Your site is amazing. :) I love your baked goods and your writing that goes along with it!

Danae - The Busty Baker said...

lol I always say he absolutely lives up to his name! And I actually hide my laptop now when I'm not around so he can't destroy a second one. Even if I'm just going to take a shower!

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