Downloadable Charts (Measurement Equivalents and Baking Pan Substitutions)

Meet my fridge.

It looks like an absolute cluttered, chaotic mess doesn't it? Well it is. I have an obsession with magnets. Words, pictures, letters. I've got it all. But I'm not here to tell you about my magnets. Well at least not all of them. I want to show you the best thing about my crazy disaster.

Behold. My Target dollar section find.

No, not the Hello Kitty dress up magnet. Although that came from Target too (along with the HK clip and notepad..). The Liquid Measure Equivalents Chart. This thing has become my saving grace in the kitchen. I do a lot of small batch baking. Whether it's only making a dozen cookies instead of the 3 dozen the original recipe yields, or only making a half dozen cupcakes when I'm testing recipes for the fair. I do a lot of math in the kitchen. And this little chart has saved my life, and my baking, so many times. Paired with some clip art charts from a Martha Stewart Living magazine years ago, I've been able to halve, quarter, or double most of the recipes I've made.

After an offhand discussion about baking pan substitutions on Twitter about a month or two ago, I thought to myself, "Maybe we don't all have these handy little charts cluttering up our fridge. Maybe not everybody scours the dollar section at Target each time looking for random things like measurement chart magnets. Maybe I'm the only weirdo that does that. Maybe I should share the wealth." So I made my own chart, just for you guys.

Click on the image to make it bigger. Or click here to download the printable PDF!

Now you can have a Measure Equivalents Chart of your very own!

I don't use the Baking Pan Substitution one quite as much as the Measure Equivalents, but that doesn't mean that someone else might not get some use out of it, so I made one of those too.

Again, click to enlarge, or click here to print a PDF for your own fridge.

Want to print both? Save some paper and print them together here.
Each PDF chart prints 4"x6" (roughly)
(If you have trouble seeing the PDFs, try Internet Explorer. Boyfriend's new version of Firefox was being weird about showing any PDF file, but I don't know if that was a fluke or what.)

So go forth into your kitchens and halve without fear! Or something like that. Enjoy!

The fine print: Feel free to print them out for personal use to your hearts content, but if you're going to swipe them for blog use, please ask first and give some link love. I worked hard to create these.
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tease-spoon of sugar said...

Those are great! Very helpful for a fellow baker. I'd show you my pathetic handwritten version that I keep taped on the inside of my cupboards, but it's too embarrassing. Now it will soon be replaced with this much nicer looking version. Thank you so much!!

Kiesha Jenkins-Duffy said...

Totes getting printed out at work on Monday. Sadly, it'll only be in black and white.

cakeje van eigen deeg said...

my fridge looks about the same. it looks fun! I always check the internet for measurements equivalents, but that chart is easier.

oneordinaryday said...

Your charts are darn right pretty! I have similar things on my fridge too. One of them is an Iron Chef magnet that twirls to show you what measurements you need. Super cool.

I love all your fridge decorations too. Mine looks much the same way! :)

KayB said...

So perfect, exactly what I need! thank you for sharing

thebluemuse said...

You ROCK!!! I am always googling conversions mid-recipe. I will print these out ASAP! I keep my lists and things taped to the inside of the cupboard near my stove. Not because my fridge is pristine, mind you, but because it's freaking far away from where I do my measuring. Thanks again!

Dorothy said...

This is awesome thank you! I've been working on breaking down recipes also, to make smaller batches. May I post a link to this post on my blog? Now I want to create one for dry measures! :)


Danae - The Busty Baker said...

Glad you guys liked these! I'm so excited!

Dorothy - Absolutely you can post a link on your blog! BTW- That April Fool's Pizza is ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

Hmm it's missing one thing... Or 50 things. State magnets! ~Kelli~

Danae - The Busty Baker said...

Kel- lol I almost mentioned them in my post.. cause I KNEW you'd never let me live that down! But honestly, if I had them on my fridge, I'd still arrange them in geographic location. :P

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog can't wait to try some of your recipes.

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