Brownie Bites. Or Not.

Another snowy day, another chance to play around in the kitchen! Last week, during a trip to the grocery store, I saw these adorable little bite-sized brownies in the bakery section. They looked so moist and fudgy, and totally easy to replicate with a mini-muffin pan in my own kitchen. They became my snowed-in goal today--adorable little Valentine Brownie Bites. Sadly, I failed. Not a complete, utter, epic fail. But a fail nonetheless. It was a bit of a mixed bag with what I got from my batch..

There were some that looked decent. But what was hiding under those perfect tops?

Huge gaping holes. They were almost completely hollow inside!

There were some that didn't bother to hide their ugliness.

And some that didn't want to part with the pan..

So much for those adorable Brownie Bites I was hoping for.. They were all kinds of ugly, and the taste wasn't terrific. Not inedible, but honestly not something I'd make again. But let's pretend for a minute that they did turn out. How pretty they would have been..

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sarahe said...

must admit--i'm kinda impressed w/the hollow brownies!! you should try them again w/this weeks twd brownie recipe--they will be amazing!!

Karen said...

How strange! I wonder why they came out empty?? The bottom picture does look pretty though :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

That sometimes happens to me when I made french macarons. It probably has something to do with an uneven batter consistency (well, thats my guess). You still managed to make them look beautiful though.
I hope you had a wonderful valentines day.
*kisses* HH

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Aww too bad! But you're right, they are really cute! ;)

Ingrid said...

Bummer! The ones that came out of the pan would have made nice ice cream cups after you nuked them for a few seconds.

You need to tell us what recipe NOT to use unless we're looking of for ice cream cups!

Btw, I'm digging the new look.

Danae - The Busty Baker said...

Ingrid- lol I'm not sure if it was the recipe, but it was from Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary--The Brownies Cockaigne recipe.

sarahe said...

I've left a little something for you over on my blog :)

Jamie said...

They are still very pretty! I am quite curious how that happened though!

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